Friday, September 21, 2018

New Technologies in the ARU guild farm

2 ARU students leaders (Augonza Phiona, the guild speaker and Anyinge Christine Ojok , The Guild President) on Wednesday 19th/09/2018 trained the rest of the students in new technologies in Agriculture. Atugonza and Anyinge who  have a background in Agriculture from Baraka Agricultural college (Kenya) and Bukalasa Agricultural college (wobulenzi) respectively trained and demonstrated technologies which are aimed at improving family household income and nutrition.

 During the half a day session they students learnt and demonstrated how to make sack mount garden, liquid manure, Organic pesticides and plant tea.

The V.GP (in a red kitenge) with other student practically making a garden out of sack (Mount sack garden)

Students  digging compost pit during the training sessions 

Phiona (Guild speaker) in a sky blue vest explaining the different nutrients got from plant tea

The GP and year two class representative putting cow dung in the sack for making liquid manure

Phiona and Christine also went a head to explain the old technologies in the Guild farm. the old technologies include; Mandala garden, Raised seed box, vermiculture, compost manure and organic compost manure using the heap methods.
Old raised seed box which was demonstrated last semester
Old Mandala garden currently planted with cabbages, Spinach and spring onions in the Fam

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