Friday, September 21, 2018

Inter-color competition on Thursday 26th

In preparation for the inter-universities games and sports,  Education games and sports minister (Miss Apok Jenifer) in collaboration with the foreign affairs minister (Miss Katushabe Gorret), have organised inter-color competitions on Thursday 27th/09/2018. The students who are categorized in the three university colors that is to say Green, Blue and Red shall play against each other in the two sports (Netball and Volleyball) and one game (Brain chess).

The winning color for each category shall walk away with a cake worth 10,000/=. The University secretary (Akello Jacqueline) is expected to be the guest of honor and hand over the awards to the winning teams.
On Thursday afternoon and evening, African Rural University students participated in inter-colour competitions and these were Red, Blue and Green.
In the results part of it ,Red was the winning team for both Netball and Volleyball, then Green won in Chess.

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