Saturday, November 17, 2018


On 16th Nov,2018, African Rural University had its fourth graduation with the Theme: CONTRIBUTING TO AFRICAN RENAISSANCE THROUGH HIGHER EDUCATION
It was really a colorful day by having graduated six graduands setting them as change agents and change makers of our communities.These have been well prepared to be the best Rural Transformation Specialist and Good Epicenter Managers.
However, the ceremony took place at ARU main campus Kagadi ,which started at 8:45 and ended at a half past mid-day.

The beautiful brides of the day (GRADUANDS)

The Vice Chancellor giving his wonderful speech


The guest of Honor Honorable Jennifer Mbabazi , council members, academic staff and Traditional Wisdom Specialists

Her excellency, the Guild President ,the MC of the day

Mr. Chancellor Sir  and the academic registrar at the ceremony

some of the graguands' parents who made it to their children's' graduation

That is URDT Girls school during entertainment

Kagadi district woman MP giving her speech during the ceremony

Sunday, October 21, 2018

ARU's friendly matches with Lira University

On 26th Oct,2018, ARU students shall travel to Lira University to have different interaction that's in games and sports ( netball, volleyball and chess), debate, entertainment and experience sharing.

Congratulations to ARU students upon the friendly matches with the Beacon( Lira University)
RESULTS                ARU : LU
NETBALL=             10        06
VOLLEYBALL=     2Gms  0
CHESS=                  3Gms   2Gms
The appreciation goes to the administrators, organizers and the students for  this particular activity to take place, it was through their efforts that we were able to make it.

women circles

ARU students gain skills, knowledge and experience through sharing with those women together in the women circles. it is all about reflecting about oneself, meditating and creating or coming up with new ideas that help one develop herself and her esteem.

University Dialogue

African Rural University students engage themselves in debating to enhance their communication skills, thinking capacity, information sharing and to improve and harden their leadership skills.


Appreciation goes to African Rural University and URDT family  for keeping our city clean under a theme "keep Kagadi clean". On 20th October.2018, African Rural University students led a team consisted of  URDT Institute s ( students and staff), URDT Girls school (students and staff) ARU staff, KKC radio staff and URDT main staff to kagadi town purposely to clean and organise it. A Credit also goes to the Vice Guild President who came up with this wonderful initiative (Ms Namukisa Rosemary). in order to keep the market clean, ARU donated a dustbin to the market vendors.and it was happily handed over to them by the university secretary.Mrs. Jacqueline Akello.

Aru staff during the cleaning

The university secretary handling over the dustbin to the market vendors.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

ARU's different approach to learning

Nansimbi Marygoret recycling bottle 

Third year students making gardens out of plastic bottles 

Much as most Universities in Africa depend on theoretical approach to learning. African Rural University considers practicals are key to our learning whereby the curriculum is designed to cater for 60% theory and 40% practicals.
During the third year, students learn Appropriate technologies as a course unit which is basically practicals in preparation for field work.

ARU Radio program on KKC radio

At least a team of three students of ARU every Saturday participates on  information sharing and sensitization of the communities within Bunyoro region. They sharing on Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio (KKCR) is on different topics however this semester the major emphasis is on Girl Child Education and women empowerment this semester.
For the last three weeks they looked importance of girl child Education, Causes of high rate of dropout from school and in the next consecutive weeks, they will be sharing the experience on how to overcome challenges that affect girl child.
Mugisha  Kobusinge in light blue dress  (1st year student) sharing how she raised money to meet her personal needs.

Mrs Anyinge Christine Ojok during the radio programe
ARU students sharing their experience on how they overcame lack of financial support.

New Guild Office handed over

Today 29/09/2018, the current Guild president and her cabinet officially received the office which was requested by the Guild president during the handing over and swearing in ceremony in May this year . The key to the office which was pledged by the Vice Chancellor (Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe)  was officially handed over to the Guild President by the University Admin Assistant.
During the event, Mr. Serevano Birungi confessed that this is the most focused Guild cabinet out of the three he has worked with since he joined African Rural University. He also appreciated the work being done by the ministers in different fort-folios and encouraged them to keep with the spirit and produce more positive results.
Admin Assistant talking to the Guild cabinet before handing over the office 

The Guild President giving speaking during the handover

During the event the Guild President appreciated the Administration of the University for their constant support both Financially and physically to her office which has enabled them to achieve 40% of what they pledge to do during their regime. she added that she and her cabinet will use the office provided effectively and efficiently to ensure welfare of students are catered for. 

The Guild President (Mrs Anyinge Christine Ojok) receiving the key to the Guild office from Admin Assistant (Mr. Birungi Serevano)

Monday, September 24, 2018

Information sharing is key

African Rural University's Guild cabinet to share what they learnt from the 10th Guild conference with the rest of URDT family. The sharing by five guild leaders is taking place today 25th/09/2018 at the center for reflection from 07:45am-.09:00pm.
The five students to facilitate the sessions include; Anyinge  Christine Ojok (GP) Atugonza phiona (GP), Atuhaire Juliet (FM), Asiimire Olivia (IM) and Katushabe Gorret (FAM).
Foreign affairs minister (Katushabe Gorret) sharing on Life at campus
Guild President (Anyinge Christine Ojok) sharing during FC
Information Minister (Asiimire Olivia) sharing information on security.
Atugonza Phiona (Guild Speaker) sharing in FC

Finance Minister (Atuhaire Juliet) showing the audience how to use chemical powder to extinguish fire

Friday, September 21, 2018

Learning outside class

11 third year's  students attended a joint conference with over 200 speakers from the town councils and municipalities within the western region for two days (20th-21st/09/2018).The conference which was organized and hosted by the speaker of Kagadi town council in URDT multi-purpose hall had  theme " Together with one voice will lead us to greater heights in leadership.

The students attended this two day's sessions to learn the practical and have sharing with the speakers of the different Municipalities and town councils under the two course units of Local governance and Good governance and Public policy management and Analysis under the instructions of the two lecturers Mr. Lwanga Anthony Claret and Mr. Ndagijje Varerious who teaches the two course units respectively.

During the introduction, the speaker of Kabarole Municipality appreciated the Guild leaders of ARU for the attendance as this will help them to learn more about the leadership of this country and urged them not to take their leadership roles lightly since its from this leadership background that they will build on to be the next leaders of this country.

Inter-color competition on Thursday 26th

In preparation for the inter-universities games and sports,  Education games and sports minister (Miss Apok Jenifer) in collaboration with the foreign affairs minister (Miss Katushabe Gorret), have organised inter-color competitions on Thursday 27th/09/2018. The students who are categorized in the three university colors that is to say Green, Blue and Red shall play against each other in the two sports (Netball and Volleyball) and one game (Brain chess).

The winning color for each category shall walk away with a cake worth 10,000/=. The University secretary (Akello Jacqueline) is expected to be the guest of honor and hand over the awards to the winning teams.
On Thursday afternoon and evening, African Rural University students participated in inter-colour competitions and these were Red, Blue and Green.
In the results part of it ,Red was the winning team for both Netball and Volleyball, then Green won in Chess.

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