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African Rural University in the leadership process

On 09th May, 2019, ARU  students had their open campaigns in their different portfolios, it was extremely massive;
Below are their manifestos:

Guild President

I am NAKAYIZA GRACE a second year student at African Rural University aspiring for the Guild presidency post for the year 2019/2020.
I shall attend all university council meetings on behalf of students, uphold and protect this constitution as well as promoting the welfare of students, protect their academic and social interests at all times.
Through creativity and innovation, I will promote, restore, protect and uphold a positive image of African rural university before local and international communities through charity work, community outreaches, attending conferences, seminars and inter-university Guild activities.
With honesty and integrity, I will pursue and build strong excelling leadership that is committed and passionate through delegation, empowerment and transparency which will enhance exemplary work ethics.
I shall base my efforts in promoting self-respect, respecting leaders, fellow students, staff and other members in the society.
I also want to create many income generating activities to enrich the Guild finance account for proper performing of Guild activities and lessening finance constraints from the administration.
I shall also ensure the election of a chief fresher to represent all fresher’s opinions to the Guild council as far as Article 13 and 14 of the Guild constitution reprimands.
Formation of a functional disciplinary committee to assist in inculcating discipline among students.
I shall advocate for curriculum development through agitating for addition of at least one language and profession promote games and sports, music and drama to improve student’s academics and talents respectively.
I shall also ensure continuation of community outreaches like visiting secondary schools to publicize ARU and Radio programmes among others.
Last but not least, I shall ensure monthly evaluation of every ministerial structural tension chart, reporting and updating Guild blog and records.
I will be in position to fulfill all the above through a joint team and support of students, leaders and administrators through the help of GOD.

Nakayiza Grace during campaign on KKCR

I am by names of ASIIMIRE OLIVIA a second year student African Rural University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Rural Development, the current information minister and the aspiring Guild President ARU academic year 2019-2020.
As the aspiring GP, of ARU, I have a resilient vision for our University which is “AN OUTSTANDING AND VIBRANT ARU GUILD IN ALL ENDEVOURS”
And as the GP aspirant, I have a well-organized manifesto and it’s through it that my vision will become a reality and it is as follows.
It will be my duty to abide by, uphold and protect the constitution and to promote the welfare of the students and protect their academic and social interests at all times. On top of that, my number one priority of the activities I want to do is the constitution amendment. Though it was meant to have been amended during this outgoing regime which wasn’t the case because of the series of activities that were carried out, time turned out not to be enough. So I will work hand in hand with the administration and the cabinet ministers to get the constitution amended for the smooth running of the university’s activities.
I want to work extremely hard to protect and uphold a positive image of ARU before the local and international communities through attending conferences and inter- university guild activities and in every aspect of my work, for example making our university popular through joining university guild unions, associations and attaining higher positions in those associations which include UNSA,
In consultation with the university administration, I will work hand in hand with other ministries to plan or arrange for national and international travel for the purpose of interacting with other university guilds for the benefit and interest of ARU as a whole. This will enable us to learn new things and also teach much about what those people don’t know and all this will be achieved through sharing ideas and experiences. And it is through this that our university will gain popularity regionally, nationally, and internationally.
Strengthening our university’s relationship with other academic institutions and schools nearby and far away from the university, and this will be done through attending conferences, conducting debates, matches in games and sports, exchanging visits, attending seminars, engaging in dialogues and via social media ( creating Whatsp groups and joining university Facebook pages).
As it is well stated in the constitution article 30(1) which says that the guild president shall use the guild car as means of transport while performing her official duties which is not the case because there is no guild car in ARU, so in consultation and coordination with the university administration and the ministers, we shall get a way on how to go about that to make sure we get the guild car for the smooth running of guild activities. In addition to that, I give a round of applause to the current GP who managed to make sure that the guild has its own office to run their activities perfectly well without any restraints. But the fact that am part of this current cabinet, I noticed that there are no appropriate equipment in the office, that’s the printer and the computer which are currently completely down because they have a mechanical breakdown and no serious attention has been put on them to make them fully function, so in coordination with the Systems administrator and other concerned department, we shall make sure the guild office fully functions again with all the required equipment.
During my regime, I will make sure that African Rural university engages in the inter-university Games & sports competitions. I will ensure we have a games and sports trainer, training requirements are available (costumes, balls and others) so what I request from students is total cooperation while doing the training in order to get all the necessary competences and skills to engage in the inter-university competitions.
Maintaining the existing projects and making them more productive that’s the banana plantation, tree planting project, vegetable growing project and others, I will lobby for an agriculture trainer to train us the students about new technologies in the farm to make it more of a demonstration farm. On top of that I will bring up more new projects, I will start with the piggery project then later, in coordination with the ministers and students, we shall choose on what other projects to take on in order to boost our guild’s income.
Building and maintaining a good relationship of the university with the community. For the university to give back to the community, we shall initiate charitable works in different areas for example, cleaning kagadi hospital, mobilizing resources to support the hospital through donating beds and stretchers and cleaning kagadi daily market and the market.
Promoting the students welfare. I will make sure that students are kept in the most conducive environment in terms of sanitation that’s in the hostel, kitchen, class and compound with the help of the welfare minister. I will make sure that students are given the best meals, at least they eat greens thrice a week, and the change in the meals menu, satisfying every ones interests.
Under the guidance of the administrators, I will make sure that we get a disciplinary committee that is more than active as it is stated in the students hand book.
Talking compound. In my plans, I think we need to have a compound that’s more attractive, educative and informative. This will be done by adding posts with different writings in the compound.
Promoting good relations among students through promoting and encouraging clear and constant communication, Respect for one another, Complete loyalty and trust in each other, Earnest acceptance, team work and corporation.
I will hand in hand with the information minister to update the ARU Guild Blog regularly to keep the world informed about what’s happening at ARU.
Lastly I will take over the guild plan and continue the implementation of all the activities that need initiation and completion.
I urge all African rural university students to kindly give me your mandates and full support in order for me to stand eligible for Guild presidency African Rural University.
 Contestants on KKCR during open air campaign.
The following are some of the other aspiring ministers

I NANGOBI JACKLINE a second year student aspiring to be a Vice Guild President at African Rural University, here are my manifestos;
I shall be the opposite sex to that of the guild president in that I will deputize her whenever she is not around in order to see that the university work runs smoothly.
I shall monitor key issues like the health status of our ARU demonstration farm and the smooth running of the ARU program at KKC radio by coming out with different topics to discuss during the program and delegating representatives, problems affecting students and ensuring that the all cabinet is acting on them.
I shall work with the relevant departments and offices to deliver the best participation services for students. In that I will work hand in hand with the administration including lecturers in a friendly manner.
I shall represent students on relevant internal and external committees whereby I will work with the internal affairs minister and foreign affairs minister for the betterment of our campus. Like I will make sure our university participates in charity works, do community visits like going to different primary and secondary schools in order to inspire our fellow ladies out there join us.  
I shall be responsible for overseeing academic policy within the university and represent the views of students in relation to the services that are provided on our campus.

 I  Areso Doreen 1st year 2 semester aspiring for the post of minister of finance at African Rural University and here is my manifestos;
If given the mandate I will work in hand with the guild president and other ministers to make sure that the money is not misused any howling.
Not any that I will also work with the administrators to provide us with at least someone who knows some techniques in agriculture since our course requires to be done practically in the field since we have only the farm manager who only takes care of the guild farm but don’t have the skills needed in demonstrating in our individual farms.
If also given the mandate to be a finance minister, I will make sure that every end of the months I will update the students on how the money was spent and what is remaining in the account.
If also given the mandate, I will make sure that the students don’t go to the bank to bank their guild money I will only issue them a receipt and I go in my free time because that is my work.
Shall also keep and maintain the accurate books of accounts of the guild like receipts, ledgers, payment vouchers and manuscripts books etc.
Shall also control and supervise the assets of the guild like guild office and others but to mention a few.
Shall be a principal co-signatory to the guild account.
I shall also prepare the financial reports and budgets in time.
shall be the financial advisor to the guild


I am AHIMBISIBWE PEACE a second year student at African Rural University, aspiring for the post of the guild secretary for the academic year 2019/2020.
·         I will take accurate records of all executive and council proceedings.
·         I will prepare and distribute minutes of all executive and council proceedings to people concerned in time.
·         I shall keep and maintain all files and records of the guild executive and the guild council.
·         I shall be in charge of logistics necessary for both executive and council meetings.  
·         I shall be consulting the guild president to prepare the meeting agenda.

·         I will also consult the guild president to order paper for both executive and council meeting.                                                   

I BAHIRE JULIA, the first year student who has contested on the post of faculty representative at African Rural University 2019/2020.
 The following are things I will do
I will receive and deliver all students views and recommendation in regard to welfare and issues related to the programme report to the faculty dean.
I will represent students in the faculty meeting where I will deliver their views and take feedback to them from faculty meeting during the students’ general meeting.
I will work hand in hand together with academic registrar to make sure that lectures are delivered on time through requesting for more lecture because some of the course unity are not taught in their specific time due to  few lectures for example in year two only four course unity are taught .
I will work hand in hand together with academic registrar to make sure that the student’s results are back on time in order for the students to prepare themselves on time for other semesters.  
I will work together with student to create discussion group for the better performance in the examinations.
I will perform any other functions when rise in the best interest of the student’s guild and the University 

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